Priorities Provide Access

Terry Dolan speaking at Illuminating Lives campaign event.

Terry Dolan, chief financial officer of U.S. Bank and chair of the College of Saint Benedict Board of Trustees, and his family, established the Dolan Family Endowed Scholarship, a $1 million scholarship fund for first-generation college students. Excerpts from Dolan’s remarks at Illuminating Lives campaign events speak to his family’s journey and desire to give back to an institution dedicated to the transformation of young women in the form of an endowed scholarship fund.

My career has made me a strong advocate for sound governance and financial stewardship. And Saint Ben’s delivers that. According to analysis by U.S. News and World Report, the College of Saint Benedict

is rated number one among national liberal arts colleges for operating efficiency, which means that your charitable gifts are stretched further at Saint Ben’s than at any other college in the country.

When you choose to invest your philanthropy in Saint Ben’s, you can be confident that you’re seeing a healthy return on that investment. In my field, I have a vested interest in promoting leadership that

reflects the demographics of our customer base. The world needs women leaders, and Saint Ben’s excels at producing them. 

I invite you to join me in supporting the Illuminating Lives campaign by investing in the life-changing power of a Saint Ben’s education – an education that prepares young women to think critically, lead courageously and advocate passionately.