Bennie Conversations: How She Shines

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At Saint Ben’s, every Bennie knows the motto “so let your light shine.” This phrase, inspired by Matthew’s account of the Sermon on the Mount, tells us of Jesus’ encouragement of his disciples to be bold in their good works. Rather than hide their light under a basket, they were told to place it on a stand for all to see.

As Bennies, we know the impact of living our motto and letting our light shine – individually and collectively. It has illuminated generations for more than a century. Now it’s your turn.


Bennie Conversations: How She Shines is an initiative designed to capture the individual impacts of our collective light. Through alumna-to-alumna interviews, we hope to celebrate and preserve the moments that define a Bennie. Throughout the Illuminating Lives campaign, as we compile Bennie Conversations and other sparks of Bennie illumination, we’ll be posting them here.


The Bennie Conversations initiative has become a movement – with over 200 recorded, archived reflections from CSB alumnae. It’s a format that speaks across generations of Bennies – classmates, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts, teachers, mentors and neighbors.

And even though we have trained dozens of Bennie volunteers as interviewers, often the best conversations come when a conversation is a conversation (which seems obvious enough, doesn’t it?). That’s why we want to streamline the process and make a grassroots effort of this by introducing self-guided Bennie Conversations.

With these new self-guided instructions, you can call, meet or visit another Bennie (or Bennies) on your own to capture, preserve and share those stories. We look forward to hearing about your experiences as a student and an alumna. We look forward to hearing about your journey to, through and beyond this campus. And we look forward to hearing what you recall from your time on the campus.


  • Volunteer to interview other Bennies.
  • Nominate Bennies with great stories to share.
  • Nominate Bennies who are great listeners to become interviewers.
    Volunteer or nominate a friend.


To learn more or volunteer, contact Abby Hansen ’12, CSB engagement officer, at or 1-320-363-5876.


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