Michelle Martinez ’20

The full text of Michelle’s post reads:

Growing up I dreamed of receiving a higher education. I used to cry thinking of how was I ever going to afford going to college. Even though college felt impossible, I knew that if I worked hard and got good grades; I would someday reach my dream. Being a Latina, first generation student and coming from a low income background, I had many challenges; but I think that is what inspired me the most. I will forever be thankful for the wonderful guidance of my teachers and programs like Torch Northfield, who helped me navigate high school, PSEO, and the college search process.

When I was picking a college, I never really thought about going to the College of Saint Benedict. But by choosing this school, it has opened so many opportunities for me. As a high school senior, I was selected for the incoming Intercultural Leadership Education and Development scholar cohort. I knew from there on that this was the school for me. Looking back I made the best decision! Over the past 4 years, CSBSJU has given me endless opportunities to grow professionally, academically, and spiritually. Best of all I have gained life long friends! I won’t lie… the journey was not easy, but with determination and motivation by family and friends made this possible.

May 9th, I officially graduated with my BA in Elementary Education and Hispanic Studies. Now, I am ready to enter the education field by leading courageously, thinking critically and advocating passionately. Once a Bennie, always a Bennie 🌟 #csbsjugrad2020