How to conduct a self-guided Bennie Conversation

  1. Ask a Bennie (or Bennies) in your life to sit down for a recorded 45-minute conversation about their CSB experiences and life since graduation.
    • We recommend interviewing one Bennie at a time, but conversations with up to four Bennies will work great too!
  2. Arrange a time and place for the interview.
    • Pick a quiet place where you will not be interrupted.
    • Most interviews last about 45 minutes, but plan for more time if you are interviewing more than one Bennie.
  3. Select an audio recording app on your cellphone.
    • iPhone users: Use the current voice memos app.
    • Android users: Download one of these voice recording apps.
  4. Print the list of Bennie Conversation questions and select your favorites for the Bennie(s) you are interviewing.
    • Here are a few tips to help you capture their stories.
    • One of the questions is about the Benedictine Values, so here is a cheat sheet.
  5. Begin your Bennie Conversation.
    • Ensure you are both in a quiet place and start recording.
    • Start the interview by saying your first, maiden and last name and class year and then ask interviewee(s) to introduce themselves.
  6. Capture the moment.
    • Take a photo of yourselves to commemorate the interview and to share with CSB.
  7. Save the audio file.
    • Ensure the interview is saved in the recording app or to your phone.
    • Email the audio file from the voice recording app to your email address and/or download it directly to your computer.
  8. Upload your interview to CSB.
    • Fill out this form to answer a few questions about your interview and to upload your audio file.
    • All interviews will be saved in the CSB Archives.

To learn more or volunteer, contact Abby Hansen ’12, CSB engagement officer, at or 1-320-363-5876.